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Reimagining Justice Inc. helps change agents come together to transform communities

We champion solutions that are healing centered, restorative and transformative.
We will not stop until our communities can thrive.

Reimagining Justice Inc’s goal is to provide support and resources to help communities that are largely impacted by harm associated with injustice and disinvestment. We focus on victim advocacy, violence intervention and prevention, mentoring, training, advocacy and case management.


In Paterson, Black crime victims face abuse by police | Moran

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Reimagining Justice Inc. advocates for creating healing centered solutions to community-based violence. Gun violence has had a disproportionate harmful impact on young men and women of color. Solutions that have addressed violence have mostly centered around deterrent and reactionary practices that include aggressive policing, gang task forces and enhanced sentencing. These solutions have led to mass incarceration and the disruption of the economic and holistic growth of black and brown communities. The mission of Reimagining Justice Inc. has been to highlight the importance of addressing violence by using evidence-based models such as Hospital based violence intervention programs, crisis intervention, public health models and transformative justice models. The organization also emphasizes the importance of investing in resources that address the social determinants to violence such as poverty, housing insecurity, food insecurity, high rates of unemployment, structural racism and mental health issues. Our agency has advocated on the importance of understanding the long- lasting effects of childhood trauma and structural trauma on communities of color. The overall mission since the incorporation of Reimagining Justice Inc. has been to advocate to reimagine a system that incorporates culturally responsive, evidence based and trauma informed solutions that adequately support communities that are most impacted by violence. Our focus has been to engage stakeholders and community members on understanding the importance of investing in approaches that support community based public safety solutions so that we can focus on prevention and intervention.


What is an HVIP? What are our Goals?

• Hospital-based violence intervention programs (HVIPS) provide comprehensive care to violently injured patients, addressing psychological trauma, risk factors for violence, and social determinants of health. HVIPs seek to reduce community violence that occurs outside the home, such as assault by strangers and acquaintances, violence perpetrated during criminal activity, and violence in workplaces and schools.

• Some studies have shown HVIPs significantly reduce rates of re-hospitalization for violent injury, reduce arrests for violent crime, decrease lengths of future incarceration, and increase rates of employment in participants.

• Each case is given to a case manager. Case manager meets with Crisis Intervention Coordinator and LCSW for weekly case management conferences. Crisis Intervention Coordinator checks notes, reports to admin team on outcomes of cases in regards to goals/case status every week/ Crisis Intervention Coordinator Holds on to toughest cases until they are base line.

• Case manager, HVIP Coordinator, Crisis Interventionist work together to create weekly field visit for participants. Director of Field Operations will create agenda and conduct home visits with Staff, agenda must be provided prior/ notes must be submitted within 24 hours.

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