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Dr. Liza Chowdhary bio

Dr. Chowdhury is a scholar activist and yogi with several years of experience working in the field of community corrections and teaching in higher education.  During her career as a Probation Officer, her passion was working with justice involved youth and partnering with local schools to create positive outcomes for the young people she supervised.  After her departure from the New Jersey Judiciary, she continued her passion of working with youth into her career as a academic by continuing to advocate for innovative, evidence based, trauma informed community based solutions and safe spaces for youth.  She also is a certified Yoga Instructor and utilizes wellness practices in her work with the community and her students.  As an expert in this field, she regularly volunteers with youth focused community organizations, consults with organizations that work with families, advocates for social justice and partners with credible messengers to develop innovative interventions for youth that are justice involved.  Her main goal in life is to continue utilizing community partnerships, academic research, activism, healing practices and education to fight against inequality and injustice. 

Presently, she teaches at Borough of Manhattan Community College (CUNY) within the Social Science, Human Services and Criminal Justice Department.  Prior to her current appointment, she taught at Fairleigh Dickinson University and Rutgers University. She has experience in teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses that include Research Methods, Corrections, Gender Crime and Justice, Gangs and Street Crimes, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Contemporary Issues, Community Resource Management, Advanced Corrections, Race and Crime and Juveniles and Violence.  She loves her students and believes that their achievements are her greatest rewards in life.  One of her most meaningful experiences in teaching has been teaching students for the NJ STEP program inside correctional facilities.  Presently, she advocates for continued opportunities for students inside correctional facilities around the country. 

Dr. Chowdhury’s research interests are intersectionality, juvenile justice, gender and crime, mass incarceration, restorative justice, collective efficacy, prison infractions and punishment, racial disparity and the criminal justice system, and trauma focused violence interventions.  In 2017, she co-founded a nonprofit entitled Reimagining Justice.  Her partners and her provide training, motivational speaking, transformative mentoring, narrative therapy, consultation, resilience circles and support for organizations and community members that are looking to develop innovative solutions for youth in schools and the community.  Reimagining Justice has partnered with organizations in Belize, Illinois, Virginia, NJ and NY in the first year of its incorporation.  The goal of this organization is to reimagine a justice system that provides love, empathy, equality and opportunities for our communities.  


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